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Rogue Ruins

Watch my game fully develop! While currently unfinished, I intend on adding new sample levels around every week to show my progress! Come try the newest few!

For those of you following along the next update will be: Sound!


Move with WASD

Jump with SPACE

Dash with LSHIFT 

Attack with K

RocketJump with J

Stalk with H


Enemies flash dark colors when they're about to attack!

Your Attack deals increased damage if you charge it. Timing your attacks works better than spamming the attack button.

Your attacks deal double damage on airborne foes. Try Combining your RocketJump with your Attack for massive damage!

Use Stalk to make airborne combos easier! Holding the button will copy your target's tragectory for a short amount of time.

XP, Money, and Skill points do not yet have a function

Press M to die if you're stuck somewhere. Please let me know where and how it happened!

Dash against sloped surfaces to gain height and accept hidden locations

Hold S while airborne to slam down. Hold S while grounded to move the camera down. 


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Rouge Ruins v2 (Latest) 63 MB
Rogue Ruins v1 (Old) 78 MB

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